Member Center Overview

Member Center provides tabs, icons and links allowing you to navigate through the website and access all your account and policy information easily.  Internet browser buttons generally will not display on any window within Member Center. Please do not use internet browser buttons to navigate.

Member Center Home page

From the Home page, tabs display providing access to view your policies, payments, claims, and your profile from tabs across the top of the window.


Alert messages may display from the Home tab - select the link to expand the advisory messages.

Select a link below to review the specific information available in Member Center:

On the policy and payment  tabs, you may see a small orange leaf advising you that you may be eligible for paperless billing and policy documents. To sign up for Paperless documents, choose the My profile tab and fill out the appropriate information.



We also provide a glossary of insurance terms, coverages and discount information.


The Contact Us link in the upper right corner of the window provides direct access to the policy, billing or payment customer service information and provides you a Feedback option to give your input to make the website better!

Member Center Overview
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